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    About - The Company


    Octonomics is a boutique firm specialized in financial technologies for the digital era, and more specifically interested in the fast and evolving world of Bitcoin, its ecosystem and its applications. Established as a true independent, Octonomics is free from any legacy business models and offers an independent reading of the current and emerging trends. This degree of freedom permits agility and ability to challenge the status quo. The solid financial services background and strong academic profile of the founder, combined with a specialized digital asset expertise and network, allows Octonomics to offer its clients unique insights which in turn, allows them to venture and trailblaze confidently this new era.

  • About - The Founder

    Elisabeth Préfontaine is a former traditional finance professional with experience in banking, capital markets (swaps and bonds) and investments (hedge funds and ETFs). Throughout her 25+ years career she has witnessed a broad spectrum of transformations. In fact, Ms. Préfontaine is one of the few who can claim to have both traded a physical coupon bond in a bank branch and bitcoin.


    In between, Elisabeth witnessed the birth of telephone and online banking while employees of financial institutions were still using an intranet. Furthermore, in the late 1990’s she took part in Bank of Montreal’s attempt to creating the world’s first virtual bank called mbanx. In the mid 2000’s and for over ten years, she actively contributed to foster the market’s comprehension of ETFs as a technological platform change for investment funds and an innovative way for investors to access low cost, liquid and diversified portfolios of stock s and bonds.


    After observing and experiencing these transformations in financial technologies, when Elisabeth discovered the Bitcoin ecosystem in the late 2016, she discerned the profound changes that would create not only challenges but opportunities from the near to the long-term. She then dedicated extensive time to the study, testing, development of an independent network to formulate her own insights and opinion. Ms. Préfontaine then founded Octonomics as a way to guide her clients in the discovery and the creation of this new technological era.


    Actively involved in the community, Elisabeth is a regular contributor on the French-Canadian national television on the topic of bitcoin and sits, since 2016, on the technological innovation advisory committee of Quebec’s regulator (AMF). Elisabeth holds the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and the CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst) designations along with being awarded a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA from UQÀM.

  • Services


    This made-to-measure service is designed to support the understanding and ongoing education needed to stay abreast of the developments in the ecosystem. The firm assists clients who need a go-to person to ask questions. Some may need to quickly get up the steep learning curve, while others may have considerations regarding the due diligence of a service provider or an investment proposition. Octonomics can keep its clients updated on a breaking news or assist them with the buy and sell process of Bitcoin while educating on how to ensure safe custody of the assets.


    Business model: per hour consultation fee. Retainer package available.


    This strategic intelligence service provides clients with competitive, timely and usable information through its detection of emerging trends garnered from extensive reading and independent market research. In a world overwhelmed with data, Octonomics’ ability to see the forest for the trees allows to provide its clients with the ‘big picture’ which helps them to make better decisions.

    • Financial services: Strategic watch on new business models in the new ecosystem or business model adaptation in the traditional/legacy ecosystem.
    • Technological developments: Side chains (lightning network, liquid, etc.), smart phones, wallets, mining hardware, security issues and scams.
    • Commercial developments: where to spend bitcoin (businesses, real estate, other) and non-financial business models leveraging Bitcoin’s infrastructure. 
    • Bitcoin as an asset class: Investment thesis, Institutional endorsement, the perspective of naysayers, valuation and network statistics.
    • Other:  energy consumption, review of Japan’s head start in digital assets, special requests.

    Recent work (French): Rapport d’analyse Présenté à la Régie de l’énergie (PDF)

    Recent work (English): Comments to Canadian Securities Regulators (consultation paper 21-402)



    Business model: Customized per mandate or ongoing by retainer for flagging selected topics.




    Octonomics provides strategic, managerial and networking assistance to help entrepreneurs who wish to advance their project to the next step. Entrepreneurs are invited to be clear about the problem(s) their business is trying to solve and how they believe Octonomics can specifically be of help. The firm does not get involved Initial Coins Offerings (ICO’s).


    Octonomics is, for example, particularly interested in the following bitcoin-related themes: non-custodial services, micro-payments/ lending/ investing, bitcoin backed assets, smart contracts for estate planning, second layer applications (timestamping/notary, record management, other).


    Business model: customized per opportunity. Combination of equity and/or CAD, USD, BTC.


    Elisabeth has been a public speaker for over two decades. She is available as a keynote speaker, as a panelist or for shorter speaking engagements. A list of topics and references can be provided upon request.


    When considering an engagement proposition, it is important to account for the following elements:


    • Speaking engagements involve a speaking fee.  No pro-bono work will be considered for commercial conferences.  
    • Pro-bono engagements will be considered for universities and charitable organizations. 
    • The content copyrights remain the property of Octonomics.
    • If you intend to film the conference, explicit detail pertaining to the utilization must be outlined and agreed upon prior to filming or distribution.
    • Conferences are available in English or French. 


    To propose a speaking engagement, please provide the following information:


    Q1: Date, time and location of the event.

    Q2: Name of the event.

    Q3: Who is the organizer?

    Q4: What is the purpose / focus of the event?

    Q5: How many attendees are targeted?

    Q6: What type of audience is targeted for the event?

    Q7: What is the cost per ticket to attend the event?

    Q8: Do you offer a speaker fee (on top of travel and accommodation?)

    Q9: Do you intend to film the conference?

    Q10: What type of speaking engagement are you looking for (Keynote with Q&A +/- 60 minutes, short allocution 15-20 minutes, panel participation, other)

    Q11: Any other relevant information you would like to share.


    Business model:  speaker fee.   
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    What are the positives and negatives of a proposed Bitcoin ETF? Will these affect the...
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    Passion, Independence, Insights


    Coming up

    • The International Economic Forum of the Americas. Montreal, June 2019
    • Inside ETFs Canada. Montreal, June 2019. 
    • Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum by Opal Group. Newport, Rhode Island, July 2019. 
    • Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum West by Opal Group. Napa Valley, California, October 2019 

    Community involvement

    • C2 Montreal: Leveraging the ledger in digital creative industries (workshop)
    • Round table participant: Government of Canada’s advisory committee on open banking.
    • Judge at the John Molson MBA international case competition, Montreal.
    • Member of the Technological Innovation Advisory Committee of AMF.



    Panel participation

    • Data Science Institute, Montreal: Cryptocurrency and Institutional Investment.
    • Association of professionals in economic development of Quebec, Magog: Economic impact of cryptocurrency and Blockchain.
    • Inside ETFs Canada, Montréal: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & the Future.
    • McCarthy Tetrault, Toronto: Cryptocurrency and Investment funds.                       

    Speaking engagements

    • Thrive wealth management, Saskatoon: “It can’t be uninvented”. 
    • Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC), Montreal: ‘’Over 1,000 hours of research in 10 minutes”.                   
    • Chartered Human Resources Advisors, Montreal: “Why I accept Bitcoin payments’’.
    • Young President Organization, Quebec Chapter, Montreal: “It can’t be uninvented”.
    • Concordia University John Molson School of business, Montreal: “20 minutes innovation primer”. 
  • Code of Ethics

    Octonomics abides to the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. This code is a standard for investment professionals around the world.


    You can consult the code here.


    *Octonomics does not sell bitcoin to investors but rather accepts bitcoin as a means of payment for its services.

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